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Valentine’s Day Heartbreak: False Alarms

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for false alarms. Every year, central stations, police departments, and homeowners see a dramatic increase in false dispatches on Feb. 14. The evil culprit: balloons.

Can you believe it? Valentine’s balloons cause a lot of false alarms. That’s because most of us don’t consider the threat that comes with the shiny token of affection.

Balloons go with the flow and just like to wander. And, sometimes they wander into the path of your motion detector. That’s the problem. Motion detectors are there, waiting for that one wrong move—the signal that someone has intruded on your home.

The happy-go-lucky balloon didn’t mean to give the illusion that your home is under attack—but it did. That’s when the motion detector signals our central station to make sure everything’s alright. And, if we can’t reach you, we’ll call the police.

The one sure way to avoid this problem: keep your balloons locked up, away from your motion detectors. It’s easy and will save you from the heartbreak of false alarms.

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