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Rise in Residential Burglaries Further Highlights the Need for Home Security

Residential burglaries are on the rise in certain areas. According to a study put out by the Arcata Police Department in California, reported residential burglaries since October 2012 have surged from under 10 per month to almost one a day. Speaking to the Arcata Eye, APD Lt. Todd Dokweiler said that the Arcata Police Department “really don’t have a reason” why figures have risen so dramatically, though the underlying motivation for burglary can often be attributed to heroin or methamphetamine addiction.

The APD partly attributes the rise in numbers to one or two burglars targeting several properties, but the increase is still very significant, and it’s not just the residential areas of Arcata that are affected. AL.com last week reported that burglars were forcing their way into residential homes without alarm systems in Mountain Brook, Ala., and getting away with various valuables in plain sight – sometimes even in residents’ unlocked vehicles.

There’s similar concern in San Luis Obispo, where city police have warned residents to be on the lookout for burglars; two men are thought to have broken into six homes since December last year between the hours of 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. and stolen items including electronics, jewelry, and cash. Some people targeted in this case are reporting that burglars knock on doors to see if anyone is at the property and breaking when they feel it is safe.

In all cases, police are urging residents to keep doors and windows locked and hide valuable items away from plain sight. However, while this is helpful, it’s only a small part of home intruder protection.

Install a Home Security System

On this blog, we talk a lot about Monitronics home security systems and how they can help protect your home against intruders. But there’s no greater way of driving this point home than with facts. If you live in any of those cities mentioned, the current heightened risk of burglary is enough of a threat to warrant a home alarm system; however, such security should be a major consideration for every homeowner in America.

The cases highlighted in this post show that burglars are becoming more brazen, targeting homes in broad daylight with no regard for sentimental items. Monitronics’ home security systems with Five Diamond Certified Monitoring ensure that a burglar will never go unnoticed. According to the report on AL.com, the intruder habits of focusing on homes without alarm systems means that simply installing home security often will prevent your home from being a target.

Neighborhood Watch

Join the Neighborhood Watch

In the APD’s quest to clamp down on burglaries in Arcata, the area’s four or five Neighborhood Watch groups are helping police. Joining your local Neighborhood Watch will help you get to know other residents better and ensure that you are part of a community group in which everyone is looking out for each other and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

To find out more about Monitronics’ home alarm systems visit www.Monitronics.com. For information on Neighborhood Watch, visit www.ncpc.org.


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