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Preventing False Alarms

Your home security system is a great tool for keeping your family safe. But when the alarm goes off, it can be pretty terrifying. Fortunately, most of the time they’re false alarms and not real emergencies. This is good news for you and your family, but can pose a problem for others if it happens often.

Whether you forgot to turn off the alarm when you let the dog out, or your toddler hit the panic button on your key fob, false alarms can pull resources such as police and firefighters away from actual emergencies. Learning how to prevent them from happening means making sure everyone in your household has proper training on how to use your home security system.

  • Know how to use the keypad. False alarms are not uncommon, and there’s no need to panic, as long as you know how to enter your code into the keypad. Make sure everyone in your home knows how to arm and disarm the system using the keypad code.
  • Establish routines and practices that work for your household and are easy to follow. For example, all doors and windows should be locked and secured when the system is activated. If you have pets, talk to your home security company about installing pet-sensitive motion detectors.
  • Understand the sensitivity of your home security system. Keep objects from hanging near a motion detector, because the slightest movement might be enough to trigger a false alarm. Even blowing dust from a home remodeling project can sometimes cause a false alarm if it interferes with a smoke detector’s sensing mechanism.
  • Use good practices to get the best response from your home security system. Test your system monthly to make sure it’s communicating properly with our Alarm Response Center. Update your emergency contact list, so that you or a friend can be reached to determine whether it’s a false alarm or a true emergency.

At Monitronics, we offer home security systems to fit every family’s needs and budget, and we make it easy to keep your information up to date and prevent false alarms. If you’re a Monitronics customer, you can update your information and test your system by logging on to mymonitronics.com, or calling 800-477-9239. If you’re not yet a Monitronics customer, you can learn more about our home security systems by visiting our website and connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Everyday Superhero: Lori Nelson-Grace

This month, first-shift Sr. Emergency Dispatch Operator Lori Nelson-Grace was helping out on third shift when a little after midnight she received an interior burglary alarm from AJ’s Dollar Store in Bakersfield, CA.
Lori immediately accessed the two-way voice communication but when no one responded, she called the customer’s number and he quickly asked for dispatch.
In a flash, the Kern County Sheriff’s Department arrived just in time to catch a suspect exiting the building with the goods.
After the Emergency
“When I arrived at my business, Deputy Sheriffs were in the process of arresting a burglar,” the customer told us a short time later. “Thank you!”
First-rate job, Lori!  This customer is happy with your response and the speedy dispatch that helped catch a thief and save his property!

Everday Superhero: Lana Turner

It was early in the morning when emergency dispatcher operator Lana Turner received a silent hold-up alarm from Wally’s Check Cashing Store in Philadelphia. Without delay, Lana dispatched the local police. They were racing to the store in no time.

Once there, the officers took great caution as they approached the store. After all, they weren’t sure what was going on inside. With skill and precision, they entered the store to find a clerk refusing to cash a check, and a customer not taking “no” for an answer. The officers quickly approached the woman, who was clearly trying to pass a fraudulent check.  She was arrested, hand-cuffed and taken to the nearest police precinct.

After the Emergency

Later when we talked to the clerk, he was very grateful that the police made it to his store so quickly. He said he knew the check was a fake right away. That’s when he pressed the silent alarm button. He said, “Thanks Monitronics; great work.”

Five Reasons I Love MyMonitronics

Monitronics has a tool that lets me manage my account online. It’s quick, easy, and free. Here are the top five reasons I loooove my MyMonitronics account:

  1. I can manage my emergency contacts. MyMonitronics lets me see who I have listed to contact in case there’s an emergency at my house. And, I can update or change my emergency contact list at any time online.
  2. I can request customer service. It’s an easy way for me to ask the questions on my mind.
  3. Web payments. I can make payments online quickly and easily.
  4. I can test my system. The website tells me everything I need to know to test my system. I can even use MyMonitronics to put my alarm on and off test.
  5. I can sign up for Paperless Billing. Paperless Billing saves me time and money. And it helps the environment.  

You can sign up for MyMonitronics by vising Monitronics.com today.

Three Times to Arm Your System

Ever have that dream where you need help and try to scream but no one can hear you? It’s a frightening dream to have, but it can be a reality. You have an alarm system to do the notification for you during emergencies. If you fail to arm your system regularly, you’re not fully protecting yourself.

There are three times that you should be sure to arm your alarm system:

  • In the morning before you leave for the day. You should arm your alarm system in “away mode” whenever you leave your house. If you stay home during the day, be sure your alarm system is in “stay mode” in the morning.
  • When you return home. Just after you come in the door, arm it.
  • Before bed. Your alarm system should already be alarmed in “stay mode,” but why not take the opportunity to be sure that the system is armed?

If you follow a routine, you can be sure that you are getting the most protection from us and your alarm system. Monitronics cares about your safety. To talk to one of us about getting an alarm system for your home, call 800-290-0709.