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Medical Monitoring and Senior Independence


According to the U.S. Department of Health’s Administration on Aging, some 12.5 million older adults who don’t live in an institutionalized setting live alone. That’s about 20 percent of the total population among people older than 65. Older women are more likely to live alone; some 35 percent of them do so because they are widows.

Millions of older Americans continue to live on their own, often despite health problems that typically come with getting older. We expect those numbers to continue rising, along with life expectancy and advances in healthcare. Still, seniors who live alone face certain risks. Monitronics offers medical monitoring to mitigate those risks and increase the length of time older Americans can retain their independence.

Remaining independent is very important to older people. Independent seniors are more likely to be physically active, socially involved, and purpose-driven – all of which contribute to longer and healthier lives. By contrast, seniors tend to go downhill both physically and mentally once their independence is lost. That’s why it makes sense to help seniors stay independent as long as possible. Medical monitoring is a great way to make that happen.

How Medical Monitoring Works

You are probably already familiar with the idea of medical monitoring, thanks to those popular TV commercials from the 1980s and 90s. The old technology has been replaced by new and better equipment; modern medical monitoring is completely wireless and can be incorporated into an existing security system or added as a standalone service.

With either installation, the customer is supplied with a control panel along with a monitoring pendant that can be worn around the wrist or the neck. As long as both the pendant and control panel have power and a cellular connection, the customer is never truly alone. At the first sign of a medical emergency, the customer only needs to press the button on the pendant to alert personnel at our remote monitoring center.

Monitoring personnel can communicate with the individual through a microphone and speaker built into the supplied control panel. In the event of an emergency, first responders can be immediately notified and dispatched. In the meantime, monitoring personnel stay in contact to keep the individual calm.

Added Peace of Mind

Getting older is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be something that is mentally and emotionally troubling. Medical monitoring for seniors does more than just provide a quick way to alert first responders in the event of an emergency. It also gives seniors peace of mind. They know that help is just one push of a button away should they ever need it, so they are more secure living alone in their own homes.

That peace of mind also extends to their children, grandchildren, and friends. Others who are understandably concerned about the safety of their loved ones know that medical monitoring provides fast emergency help when necessary. When medical monitoring is available, they worry less about parents and grandparents who choose to remain independent.

Medical monitoring is an affordable way to increase the safety and well-being of senior loved ones in your family, and to help your loved ones maintain their independence for as long as possible. Best of all, there’s no major construction in order to install a Monitronics system. Wireless technology makes medical monitoring as quick and easy as ever. Contact us today to learn more.


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Celebrate National Senior Independence Month


As baby boomers ready their golden years, it’s more important than ever to find ways to help our senior citizens maintain their independence while remaining safe. February is National Senior Independence Month, and there’s no better time to take a step back and look for ways to manage that balance. There’s a reason why the “aging in place” philosophy is taking root, so let’s use National Senior Independence Month to discover ways to enhance that independence.

  • Seniors need to stay active. National Senior Independence Month is the perfect time to encourage your favorite senior to try something new, whether it’s a new walking trail, a yoga class, or participating in a group activity, such as water aerobics or a walk for a good cause.
  • The brain needs exercise too. Getting older doesn’t have to mean the decline of mental acuity. Seniors can trigger their brains to make nutrients to not only strengthen and protect the brain but also grow new brain cells! One way to keep seniors’ minds active is to help them master new technology, which will also help strengthen their connections with loved ones.
  • National Senior Independence Month is a great time to check your favorite senior’s house for safety. Make sure they are living in well-lit rooms, and strategically place night-lights to help prevent falls. Keep floors and walkways clutter free, and clear of furniture, wiring or other obstructions that might make it difficult to move freely. Look at the whole house critically, assessing accessibility of things such as appliances, cabinets, shelving and even bathrooms. Install handrails and grab bars if necessary.
  • Make a point to appreciate your time together. Go for a walk with your grandmother, or talk to your grandfather about his life. Whether you’re sitting together and working on a puzzle or trying out a yoga class, the time spent with the seniors in your life is something to treasure.
  • One of the best gifts you can give to promote senior independence is an updated security system. The peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is paying attention cannot be overstated, and a home security system with medical monitoring offers even more protection. At the touch of a button, help can be summoned to assist in any type of emergency.

This year, for National Senior Independence Month, think about new ways you can help keep the seniors in your life feeling both independent and protected. When it comes to keeping seniors safe, Monitronics knows how to help. With our home security systems and medical monitoring, we provide seniors with the safety and security they need to remain independent. It’s just one more way that Monitronics offers home security systems to fit every family’s needs and keep every home safe. Remember to interact with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Check out our website as well, to learn how to keep your family and home protected.

Improved Medical Monitoring Technology Helps Seniors and Caregivers

Medical Monitoring

Back in the 1980s and 90s, it was common to see television commercials featuring a revolutionary medical alert system designed for seniors who live alone. The commercials became a pop culture phenomenon.

Well, things have come a long way since the 1980s. Not only does the medical alert technology still exist, but we have been improving it for decades. Today it is helping both seniors and their caregivers create a safer environment.

Today’s medical monitoring technology makes it possible to keep track of seniors or individuals with persistent health problems 24 hours a day. It can be integrated with home security and home automation for more complete protection and convenience. And best of all, today’s systems work on wireless platforms requiring no complicated construction or installation that makes a mess of your home.

Medical Monitoring Makes Sense

Medical monitoring was, at one time, viewed as a luxury only the well-to-do could afford. Now it is an increasingly popular option that not only is affordable for nearly anyone, but makes complete sense. Just consider how many seniors are seriously injured every year due to simple, household accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control:

  • 2.5 million seniors are treated at emergency rooms after being injured in a fall.
  • 700,000 are hospitalized, mainly for head injuries and hip fractures.
  • 95 percent of hip fractures in seniors are the result of falling.
  • 20 percent of falls among seniors result in serious injury.
  • Falling is the most common cause of traumatic brain injury among seniors.

Seniors face significant risks associated with falling at home, but it’s even more dangerous for seniors who live alone. With medical monitoring, an individual is never truly alone because help is just a pushbutton away.

The senior wears a medical pendant around the wrist or the neck. That pendant is connected wirelessly to a central control panel in the home. One touch of a button on the pendant signals to personnel at a remote monitoring center that help is needed for an immediate emergency. Monitoring center personnel can communicate with the customer and call local authorities for help if necessary.

Other Ways Technology Is Helping

Medical monitoring is one of the most helpful services we provide to seniors and their caregivers here at Monitronics. Yet it is not the only service we offer that is proving to be helpful. For example, consider our home automation technology featuring our industry-leading HomeTouch program.

HomeTouch can outfit the senior’s home with a complete system that can integrate medical monitoring with home automation. The home automation features can be utilized to control thermostats, turn lighting on and off, lock and unlock doors, and more. It makes the home a more efficient and safer place to be.

Consider the fact that one of the leading causes of falls among seniors is inadequate lighting. With home automation, lights can be programmed to turn on at specific times so that inadequate lighting is never a concern. Should caregivers ever need to get into a locked home because a senior is being unresponsive, those locks can be opened remotely.

Of course, tying everything together is Monitronics’ home monitoring. We keep seniors and their caregivers safe by providing monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide, burglary, and flood. Everything is done using modern wireless technology that continues to function even when the power is out.

At Monitronics, we are thrilled to be able to improve the lives of seniors and their caregivers through technology. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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Three Tech Items to get Your Grandparents


When you’re considering gifts for your grandparents, tech gadgets may not be the first things that come to mind. As senior citizens become more and more comfortable with technology, however, there are tech gadgets worth your consideration. Here is a look at three gizmos your grandparents might truly appreciate.

  • A really good camera is always a great gift. For your grandparents, Canon has some great options in the A1400. With all the advanced technology you’d expect from a good quality digital camera, the A1400 retains the classic feel and operational style of a point-and-shoot. It also has a large grip and is comfortable to hold, making it the perfect way for grandparents to capture memories with their loved ones and families.
  • If your grandparents take many pills, the MedMinder might be the perfect gift. The MedMinder is a pill dispenser that’s cellular connected and offers visual and sound reminders. In the interest of keeping seniors healthy, the MedMinder will call family members to let them know when medications are not taken at a designated time.
  • Sometimes avid readers have trouble keeping up with their reading as they age. Aging vision may make it harder to see the print in books; e-readers are some of the best tech gadgets on the market to address this problem. The Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight has a crisp display, and is not backlighted like a tablet but has a built-in light instead. With 4GB of memory, touchscreen navigation and the ability to use Wi-Fi to download new books, this is the perfect gift for a grandparent who loves to read.

When you’re deciding on tech gadgets to give your grandparents, consider giving the gift of medical monitoring. Monitronics offers medical monitoring that includes technology that will summon emergency help at the touch of a button, as well as remote monitoring that lets caregivers check in at any time to make sure all is well. For future blogs and safety tips, visit the website, or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

Three Benefits of Monitored Home Security vs. Non-Monitored


Monitronics offers monitored home security to residents and businesses throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Obviously we recommend monitored security, but not just because it’s our specialty. There are a number of compelling reasons for having your security system monitored by a trained individual rather than allowing it to act as a standalone noisemaker.

For the record, quality monitoring doesn’t have to be expensive. Monitronics offers 24-hour monitoring at a price affordable enough that it doesn’t make sense to invest money in a new security system without also having it connected to a monitoring service.

Here are three primary benefits of having a monitored home security instead of non-monitored:

Criminal Deterrence

Statistics clearly show that homes with monitored alarm systems are three times less likely to be burglarized than those without such systems are. Furthermore, as many as 74 percent of all burglaries left uncompleted can be attributed to an alarm system. Home alarms deter criminals simply by making noise. But further deterrence is achieved when a security system is being monitored 24 hours a day.

When a burglar sees a yard sign or a window decal with the name of a well-known company such as Monitronics, they always have to wonder whether the system is active. They also have to wonder about any interior security cameras that may record their actions. With all those factors, the average criminal is likely to look elsewhere for an easier target.

Faster Response Times

A good burglar needs fewer than 10 minutes to successfully burglarize a home. That means every minute that goes by after entry is critical. Monitored home security makes it possible for monitoring personnel to know quickly when a home has been breached, which subsequently allows them to contact local authorities right away. Burglars know this, so they think twice about burglarizing a home with monitored security.

In the event a burglar decides to take their chances, the likelihood of being caught goes up with monitored security in play. When monitored security includes video surveillance cameras, they create evidence that can be used for investigative and prosecutorial purposes.

Additional Monitoring Available

A monitored home security system offers the added benefit of different kinds of monitoring above and beyond burglary. For example, Monitronics frequently includes fire and carbon monoxide monitoring for customers. Both types of monitoring could save a life in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. Additional monitoring is available for flooding and medical emergency.

We are especially proud of medical monitoring for those with chronic illnesses or families with senior residents. Medical monitoring means that you are never alone, even when you are the only one in the home. With just the touch of a button, help can be immediately dispatched in the event of a medical emergency.

More Than a Noisemaker

At the end of the day, a monitored home security system is more than just a noisemaker. It is a system that connects your home to a monitoring center where trained and experienced personnel are looking out for your safety. That protection extends beyond just those hours you are away; it also includes monitoring while you are home. The peace of mind it offers is incomparable.

Monitronics is an industry leader offering the latest technology, the best equipment, and reliable monitoring services around-the-clock. An authorized dealer can install a new system and connect it to our monitoring center, or transfer your current system to our monitoring service. Just contact us for more information.


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